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Damp Inspections Are Important:
Damp can be a problem for any property across the UK, with rainfall being a long term seasonal occurrence every year, having a damp inspection within your property when you suspect a damp issue is occurring is highly recommended to confirm or identify the severity.
If your property is suffering from damp for a long period of time and left, or the problem being there unknowingly, it can cause serious damage to the buildings infrastructure.

Typical signs of damp:

  • Black spot mould

  • Damp smell

  • Wallpaper detached or discoloured

  • Paint coming away

  • Skirting boards broken / brittle

  • Water droplets collecting on walls

  • The feeling of weak floor boards

Types Of Property Damp:

Rising Damp: Is when water from underground is rising through your properties structured walls, Rising damp mainly occurs to old buildings due to the course within the building starts to damage over time, or ground level risen around the property from any added addition reasons.

Penetrating Damp: is caused by water leaking through walls. It tends to happen as a result of structural problems, such as faulty guttering or roofing, or cracks in external walls.

Condensation: is water which collects as droplets on a cold surface when humid air is in contact with it. It also occurs in places the air is still, like corners of rooms & behind furniture, The main cause of condensation is day to day activities such as cooking, washing and drying clothes inside, with poor ventilation, the warm air is trapped inside of the building causing the condensation to exist.

Survey Expectations:

Our damp surveyor will inspect the known effected areas, identify the type of damp issue you have, and investigate the causes of the damp to determine the source of the moisture causing the issue.
The surveyor will follow all procedures and inspect the existing damp proof course within the building, then on to inspect any problems within the building structure, we will look for potential problems that may be caused because of damp. Once the inspection has been fully surveyed, the surveyor will provide a detailed briefing of what damp treatments might be required for your property or if no issue with damp is in place then you will receive a certificate awarding your property free of damp at this time.

Damp Solutions:

If you have temple home improvements come out to do a damp inspection survey, or if no inspection is needed and know for sure your property is suffering from any type of damp issues, we have the capabilities to resolve all damp problems and will have the problem in place resolved for you when requested.

We will gather a complete detailed report of the damp issues in hand, stating the work that is needed to fix the issue, and hand over a free no obligation quote, awaiting your request to start the work if the quotation is accepted.


As damp is a big problem with a lot of property's within the UK, we know first hand it can be very daunting, with our damp inspection and the capabilities of resolving all damp issues, we also deal with:
- Cavity Wall Insulation
- Property Ventilation - PIV

- Wall & Roof Treatments

Which are 3 ways to resolve or defend your property from problems like these occurring.

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