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Positive Input Ventilation

PIV is fitted and requires little energy to run and minimal effort to maintain.

The PIV works by introducing clean fresh, filtered air into the home ensuring that stale old & contaminated air is continuously filtered, replacing with clean quality breathing air.
The results from PIV are improved air quality’s and an extremely healthy living environment in which condensation & mould is pushed out.


The equipment installed is quiet and exceptionally low running costs, the unit will increase in speed when the loft temperature rises to the recommended temperature setting to supply even more warmed air from the loft into the home within the winter months providing cut prices on gas bills.

How It Works

External air is vacuumed to the loft, passing through the unit’s filter, the vacuumed air increases temperature as it utilises unused energy.
This increase can be significant but is normally around 2-4°C warmer then the outside temperature through the heating season months.
This energy is more than the unit’s motor usage.
The filtered clean air is then circulated central to the property, by the outlets and ceiling diff-users.

The unit’s controls allow you to set to suit your individual requirements of the property.

The unit airflow to the home is automatically optimised by the temperature/humidity sensors, which the unit benefits from the energy processed, ensuring that the air is continuously circulating to help eradicate moisture and pollutants from your property.

Health Improvements

Having a PIV installed has been proven to reduce health symptoms for people with hay fever, asthma & breathing difficulty's, due to the PIV filtering contaminated air that is circulating your property, the PIV vacuums and filters condensation, mould, pollutants, dust & tiny specs of pet dander, giving you the great quality clean filtered breathing air.
The minority of people with breathing difficulty's suffer with allergy's that trigger or worsen medical symptoms, having a PIV installed and in cycle will reduce those allergy's and symptoms taking place removing breathable allergens replacing with clean fresh, filtered air.


Features & Benefits




Low Cost Energy


Low Maintenance

Multi–Functional Controls 

Complete Installation Kit

5 Year Warranty

Low Cost Running

A PIV system should last on average around 10 years, running 24 hours a day, Running costs are extremely low at about £2 per year or thereabouts.

PIV Unit Installation Cost

We supply and install the PIV units suitable for your property.

It only takes us a couple of hours, and there’s no need for you to leave your home while we install the unit.

PIV Unit Cover

As the PIV warranty is for up to 5 years, having cover seems to be a waste, if you opt into cover from day one of PIV installation the costs will be as little as £6.99 per month, if the warranty has expired and the unit is over 5 years old, and thinking about PIV Coverage, cover costs will rise to £14.99 per month.

From Installation Cover

Monthly - £6.99

Quarterly - £18.99 | 10% Discount | Annual save £7.92

Annually - £69.99 | 20% Discount | Annual save £13.89

After Warranty Cover

Monthly - £14.99

Quarterly - £39.99 | 10% Discount | Annual save £19.92

Annually - £143.99 | 20% Discount | Annual save £35.89