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Roofing & Drainage Plan £194.99 per annual

All Year Round Roofing Cover.

£194.99 Per Annual SAVE: £104.99

£54.99 Per Quarter SAVE: £79.92

£24.99 Per Month


We welcome all property owners to our cover plans with immediate effect!

Be a policy holder today, and have us come out to do roof works tomorrow, as long as the issue is within our policy, we are happy to help with our great call out response time!

Our policy covers you for all what is stated below, no extra fees or charges, we also offer a 30% discount to all policy holders for any roofing works required outside of the policy.


Ridge Tiles
Ridge tiles are designed to keep out the rain and were traditionally made from either clay or slate. If you have noticed damp patches on your property's ceiling or areas of stained plaster then it is possible that you have a leaking roof.

Ridge Pointing
Some homeowners will request this type of job when the mortar is loose, but none of the tiles have been affected. But also will be needed when replacement ridging has been put in place. By using 3 part sand, 1 part cement, we replace or repair ridge tiles back to there former self.

Loose Tiles
If you property is being affected by Loose Tiles on the roof, this can cause big problems for your property, the first sign of loose tiles or any thought you may be suffering from Loose Tiles, the tiles should be fixed, replaced and re pointed immediately.

Cracked Tiles
Having Cracked Tiles on your property's roof can cause leaking an recurring damage to the property's structure, you may notice this over time
by getting damp or leaking within the property, if you property's suffering from cracked tiles we highly recommend having them fixed or replaced immediately.


Slipped Tiles
Slipped tiles is a minor job, which left can cause great damage, we have the equipment and experience to put any slipped roof tiles back into place,
making sure no further damage to your property is sustained by the gaps in your roof.


Chimney Caps
A chimney cap prevents water from entering the chimney. Moisture can enter the flue anytime it rains, without a chimney cap. This can cause water to get inside the attic or house as it runs down the brickwork.
A chimney cap can prevent animals from entering your home, keep the moisture out, and protect the roof from burning embers starting a house fire.
We will replace or install chimney caps if required.


Chimney Re-pointing
Signs That Your Chimney Needs to Be Repaired:
Damaged Mortar Joints, Rusted Damper or Firebox, Spalling Bricks, Shaling Flue Tiles, Cracked Chimney Crown, Internal damage within the chimney location,
If you feel as if you chimney stack may be loosing its pointing, we will re point the chimney stack for you, Pointing lasts anything between 30-50 years.


Chimney Stacks
If you feel as if your chimney stack is damaged, we are experienced in many ways of repairing any repairable chimney stack situations,  if the chimney stack is beyond repair, we are prepared to carry out work to rebuild a chimney stack for you.


Gutter Flashing
The roofer installs the drip edge flashing across the bottom edge of the roof prior to installing the tiles. Its job is to keep water from getting blown back under the tiles.
It also protects the fascia from dripping water and seals the gap between the roof tiles and the gutter.


Gutter Blocks and Seals
Splash blocks are made of plastic or concrete blocks, that channel the water away from the foundations of a property.  with a close ended side positioned underneath the downspout and an open ended side that directs the water away from the property's foundations, We position gutter blocks to synchronise your gutter system into perfect working order. Sometimes your guttering could be affected by leaks,
By using the best sealants is an excellent choice for repairing leaky gutters. we use sealants that can be applied well in cold and hot temperatures. as it cures, it remains flexible.

Anything that is not stated above our policy will not cover it,

If you are a policy holder and require Drainage maintenance, repairs or installations that is not within the policy, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly, and provide a quote with a 30% discount on paid outrights only.