Wall Clean & Sealant Treatment

Roof Clean & Sealant Treatment
20 Years Guarantee

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Wall | Roof Clean & Treatment
Is protection sealant for brickwork or roofs which protects against deterioration and damp caused by rain. 

Temple Home Improvements use nothing but the best branded & effective products, the best results is our aim.

Exterior wall & roof sealant provides a invisible highly effective protective water resistant barrier to brickwork, stone or masonry and roofs


Application of a water repellent product will also dramatically slow down or prevent the growth of algae, lichen, mold, and damp.

Exterior wall and roof sealant is applied to every outside wall of your property or roof. it works by filling the microscopic voids, preventing moisture penetration. 

Sealant water repellent for brickwork and roofs are also eco-friendly and water vapour permeable, allowing any trapped moisture to evaporate from the brickwork / roof.


It is highly effective and has a lifespan of approximately 20-30  years.

Work Carried Out:

The first procedure is to give the required areas of treatment a good clean what ever the state, bringing the surfaces back to life, after this has been accomplished we will then apply the protection sealant with great care and effectiveness,