Pay Half Pay Monthly

(In a nutshell)

•  Once work has been quoted by ourselves and client has accepted, the option for pay half pay monthly is available.

•  A credit check is required for approval.

•  An additional 20% setup fee is added to total.

•  A 50% deposit of quoted/accepted cost of work carried out is required.

•  Once deposit is paid the remaining 50% can be paid over a varied 1-5 year period.

•  Once the varied 1-5 year period repayment is chosen, an APR charge will be added to your monthly instalments.

•  APR - 12 Months 10% - 24 Months 15% - 36 Months 17% - 48 Months 20% - 60 Months 25%.

•  Agreement / Contract will be signed by both supplier & client.

•  Direct Debit will be set up for monthly payments, and collected on the best suitable day for you each month,  until remaining balance is settled.

•  All relevant paperwork will be sent out to you within 7 days of PHPM completion.

Agreement / Contract example

(Pay Half Pay Monthly Agreement)