Brick Wall

Property Foam Insulation delivers up to 50% energy on savings, foam insulation expands quickly to fill all hollow spaces when applied, the foam allows moisture to escape the property preventing harmful produce or remain, unlike wood or metal, spray foam does not rot, rust or deteriorate, from having insulated wall cavities, you will potentially feel the effect of sound-dampening benefits if situated in a high populated area or route. Foam insulation can last up to 100 years. Foam Insulation can be applied to existing walls or new builds whichever the situation you are in.

PIV is fitted and requires little energy to run and minimal effort to maintain. the PIV works by introducing clean fresh, filtered air into the home ensuring that stale old & contaminated air is continuously filtered, replacing with clean quality air. the results from PIV are improved air quality’s and an extremely healthy living environment in which condensation & mould is pushed out.

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Temple are in possession of a drone with a quality visual recording camera, that will hover over your roof to investigate if any problems are or have occurred visually, if there is no evidence via the drone footage a closer look will be secondary procedure.

We are an expert drainage team that are here to help, 

There is no drainage problem we cannot fix,

We are fully equipped to deal with any emergency, 

All work is priced upfront and guaranteed with no hidden costs,

Our experts unblock drains quickly and effectively, 
Response time within 60 minutes or less, 
We are a 24/7 Emergency Service Available 365 days a year.

Roof Shingles

Resin bound driveways have a longer life span than concrete, have you got cracks within your driveway from years of use, or is ageing and not very appealing, resin bound driveways long lasting and look better!

Damp can be a problem for any property across the UK, with rainfall being a long term seasonal occurrence every year, having a damp inspection in your property when you suspect a damp issue is occurring is highly recommended to confirm or identify the severity. If your property is suffering from damp for a long period of time and left, or the problem being there unknowingly, it can cause serious damage to the building’s infrastructure.

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Roof Cleaning

It is highly advised you have your roof cleaned by a professional roof cleaning contractor, Using the best brand, effective products and techniques to ensure the job is done correctly.

Gutter Cleaning, Repairs & Installations, experienced contractors, quality of work, competitive prices and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Cleaning a Rain Gutter
Backyard Washing

We specialise in external deep cleaning of property's, removing all moss, dirt or substances that gather, to bring that colour back to the floors of your property, We have the high pressure jetting systems and chemicals that are needed to deliver the service required.

Exterior wall & roof sealant provides an invisible highly effective protective water resistant barrier to roofs, brickwork, stone and masonry, Application of a water repellent product will also dramatically slow down or prevent the growth of algae, lichen, mold, and damp.

Painter at Work
House Painting

Have you had enough of the brick work or roof of your property? or the already existing paint covering your property has aged or discoloured? we also offer a service to bring back or improve the external walls or roof of your property, by using great quality long lasting outdoor property paint to guarantee the fabulous eye-catching statement of your home,